Friday, 6 January 2012

My home-made home

 the tall lamp was originally all chrome but I replaced that with the curved bamboo, I also decoupaged the desk tray and the canvas is also my own

Egyptian Head spray painted purple, purple on photo frame was originally black, another one of my paintings and cupboard painted to match

Eames nesting tables stacked on top of each other, hand painted orange radio, purple mantle clock with decoupaged comic strip sides and clock face, hand painted and re-upholstered antique saloon chair and another one of my paintings

      Sowing box table with Sanderson Dandelion  Clocks Wallpaper accent

          'Radio' Radio, the yellow and blue frames were both black


                                               Close up of the mantle clock  

Dining Area

London Bus Blind, Painted and re-upholstered chair, sideboard with hand painted accents, a formerly cream with flowery details decorative tea pot now red

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