Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Step by step antique chair rescue

I picked up this chair from a car boot a couple of years ago, I've decided to strip all the varnish off of it and wax it to take it back to the original look but then update it with bright modern fabric

you can see here after cutting into the fabric that it has already been reupholstered at least once before, hiding a lot of detail around the front sides legs and base of the back of the chair

original layer of fabric off and you can now see here the sack like fabric which covers all of the webbing which is the support for the seat

here we have all of the fabric off, leaving only the last layer to remove, and about 100 nails!

you can see here that it seems there was a red fabric on the chair before the old green fabric layer that was on the chair, also how desperately the layers of old varnish need to be removed

stripping the varnish

  All the varnish off!



Re-upholstered! with white gold and brass upholstery nails and sunny ikea fabric

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